Sunday, June 26, 2011

about to finished

  my project of this year..3rd the worst thing in the world ......

bad Concept ,bad designs , & the worst animation ever , something i'm very disappointing from it .

the character
I'm looking now to finish it at any casts , & i think I'll not do animation again , Because i'm a Shame on this field ....!!!


Reem Zeine said...

I'm sure its not that bad! its probably awesome!
Good luck on getting it done, I Love the character and the colors here! Great work! :)

Hatem said...

Listen Reem ya Okacha!
I second what she said :)
..el wad dah shabahy showaya 3ala fekra :D

Best of luck and keep going with the same energy.

Rabenna ma3ak we mestanny ashoof aktar :)